Crittall doors replacement

for residential and commercial properties


Hard wearing and durable

Primed and rust proofed | Powder coat finishes

We specialise in old Crittall doors replacement. Replacing doors and windows that were installed years ago. 

Our advanced Original Steel profile is primed and galvanised for rust prevention. 

Also doors are powder coated with a hard wearing colour finish that enhances the beauty of steel. And perfectly displays the handmade nature of our doors.

As a result, our doors are rust resistant and look great for years to come. 

Upgraded thermal performance

insulated sealed units | wEATHER SEALED DOORS

Our various steel profiles allow for the use of advanced double and triple glazing. Therefore boosting the energy efficiency of our windows.

By combining advanced glazing and weather seals, our Original Steel doors result in warmer homes and properties. In addition keeping the natural slim sight lines of old Crittall doors and windows.


Replacement Services

like for like replacement | custom design doors & windows

We love the look of the old Crittall windows from the 1950s (and even earlier). Indeed steel doors have a timeless elegance. And for this reason, we are passionate about maintaining the aesthetic.

So if you have old windows and doors that are single glazed. And have no weather seals. With a flaking paint finish. Then our replacement service is happy to assist in upgrading your windows. And still maintain the beauty of your traditional steel doors and windows.

if you have old steel doors and windows at your property get in touch with our team for replacing with new thermally efficient steel.

Find out more about our Original Steel systems. Hand crafted, thermally efficient and beautifully slim.

Click here to view some of our projects. We work all over the UK.

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