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Internal and external steel doors


Original Steel profile

Timeless & minimalist design | internal and external steel doors

The original slender steel profile has its origins in steel framed windows. Introduced in 1912. By British company “The Crittall Manufacturing Co. Ltd”. 

Original Steel has been updated and advanced. Replicating the slender design. And can now accept double glazed units. Due to its simple and slim design Original Steel is often used in listed and heritage buildings. As well as contemporary projects.

This timeless door and window offers slim sight lines. Boasting great thermal and acoustic performance. Offering comfort as well as safety.

The slim profile makes Original Steel an excellent choice for internal and external steel doors.

Thermal Break Steel

advanced steel profiles | outstanding thermal qualities

The advanced thermal break steel door systems we offer continue the authentic look of the Original Steel door. Due to advanced thermal barriers and deeper glazed units. Thermal break steel reaches high energy efficiency. Whilst maintaining slender sight lines.

Our thermal break steel allows for XL size doors. Doors, screens and windows can be made in various opening configurations. 

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Internal Slim Steel

Ultra slim | purpose designed internal steel doors

This purpose designed ultra slim profile is ideal for internal use. Not only are glazing bars sight lines 20mm. But the Internal Slim Steel profile allows for doors up to 3 metres in height*.

Maximise the level of natural light using ultra slim steel doors and screens. Ideal for offices and homes.

Internal Slim offers doors in many opening styles. From traditional hinged, single and double doors to sliding and pocket steel doors. Internal steel door screens can also be folding and include pivot doors. Allowing for maximum width openings.


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