Fire doors

Internal glazed fire doors

Original Steel profile

internal fire doors | minimalist design | same slimline frames

We have painstakingly tested the original slender steel profile to be able to withstand over 30 minutes of fire exposure.

After all, our goal was to create an internal fire rated door system that is as stunning as our Original Steel Doors and Internal Slim Steel Doors. Similarly, doors that will protect you and your family. Whilst creating a feature in your property.

These iconic slender steel frames are available as internal fixed screens, single or double leaf hinged doors. Choose from almost any RAL colour and even special metal finishes. 

Fire tested to 30 minutes integrity

slim steel profiles with heavy duty fire qualities

In fact, our doors are periodically tested. In order to ensure they meet up to date UK standards for fire safety.

To find out more about our FD30 rated internal steel doors. Please get in touch.

Thanks to our team’s constant research and testing. As well as their desire to provide high performing fire doors. Our tested doors withstood over 1 hour of fire. Above all at temperatures of over 900 degrees celsius. 

In short, you can be sure that your internal fire doors have been rigorously tested. 


Door and screen configurations

Single doors | fixed screens | double doors | internal fire doors

Open plan living and working is becoming very popular. As a result it is important to be able to divide up large rooms. With this in mind Original Steel internal glazed fire doors are perfect for this application.

By combining single and double leaf doors with fixed screens. You can create large internal steel and glass partitions. That will give the feeling of open plan living. And still give you use of multiple rooms. Above all whilst maximising natural light flow.

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